Introduction to Quantum Computing

A Course for High School Students at the Harvard Summit for Young Leaders in China, Hangzhou 2018

Cameron Akker
Aug 2018 • teaching

In August 2018, I was invited to be a teacher at the Harvard Summit for Young Leaders in China in Hangzhou. The week-and-a-half-long program is an intensive Harvard liberal-arts style education program for high school students in China.

After teaching courses in Electronics (2017) and Robotics (2016), I decided to prepare an introductory curriculum for quantum computing for my 2018 seminar. The seminar took place over 6 days with lectures every day, two problem sets, and a final exam. The course balanced mathematical rigor that students could be comfortable with at the advanced high school level with qualitative learnings about the nature of quantum mechanics and its applications to quantum computing. Video lectures for the seminar are included below.

Reviews from students for the course were overwhelmingly positive, with most praising the course's ability to provide the students exposure to concepts usually reserved for 3rd or 4th year physics students in a college program. All of the course materials are also available upon request.

Cameron Akker
Harvard '19 | B.S. Electrical Engineering