Teaching Fellow at Harvard University

For ENG-SCI 50 and ENG-SCI 153

Cameron Akker
Sep 2017 • teaching

While a student at Harvard University, I worked as a Teaching Fellow on four separate occasions for two classes. I taught for the class ENG-SCI 50 for three semesters, in Fall 2015, Fall 2016, and Fall 2017. I taught for the class Physics 123 (also called ENG-SCI 153) for one semester, in Spring 2016.

ENG-SCI 50 is the introductory electrical engineering class at Harvard. Enrollment for the class is between 50-80 students every semester and it covers everything a standard undergraduate introductory electrical engineering class covers. As a teaching fellow, I facilitated lab sessions for students and ran homework help sections meant to assist students in completing the problem sets.

Physics 123 (ENG-SCI 153) is an advanced circuits class primarily intended for graduate students and advanced undergraduates. It covers analog and digital circuits in depth and the final project for the class is the construction of a complete computer system that is programmed in assembly language. As a teaching fellow for the class, I ran homework help sessions and assisted students in completing the weekly lab exercises.

I love teaching and pride myself in my ability to help the students who have the most difficult time understanding the course content. I like to provide very fundamentally-sound, physical explanations for difficult concepts to allow students to gain an appreciation for not just how things work, but why they work at a fundamental level.

Cameron Akker
Harvard '19 | B.S. Electrical Engineering